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On behalf of our faculty and staff, I would like to welcome you to Live Oak High School.   I am energized and deeply committed to making a positive difference in the lives of the students at Live Oak High.  I embrace the challenges of the future while we continue to cherish and celebrate the traditions of the past.  Our remarkable staff, involved parents, and committed students work harmoniously to make Live Oak  High a wonderful and unique place.


This year promises to be a year full of engaging, meaningful and challenging work in our classrooms.  Along with enjoyment and special times through a plethora of extracurricular clubs and activities, athletic teams and school events, each student will have a well-rounded high school experience.  


Preparing young people for the challenges they will face is our first priority. Our course of study is rigorous, student-centered, and offers all learners a wide range of opportunities. In addition to core subjects, students have access to extensive elective offerings. This comprehensive program is supported by our excellent facilities that allow teachers to integrate technology and hand-on experiences into student learning.


You will find that Live Oak High’s extra-curricular activities are also extensive and excellent. Most students choose to become involved in at least one club or sport during their time with us. Many of our organizations have a strong community service component. Some of the most important lessons our students learn occur outside the classroom—on the court, field, and stage.


Live Oak High is a “second home” to over 1,300 people. We strive to maintain an atmosphere that is positive, respectful, and supportive. Our goal is to help young people to develop their own abilities while also learning from others. In our learning community, we celebrate individual as well as shared accomplishments.


I look forward to this school year and thank you in advance for supporting the Eagles.   Good Luck in all that you do and welcome to Live Oak High School.


Live Oak School began in 1895 when the Reverend Joel Ott donated a plot of ground (just across the highway from the present Live Oak Hardware), and the citizens of the neighborhood built a one room schoolhouse about 20 x 25 feet. The room was built of cypress from trees of the Amite River swamps and boasted of one front door and six open windows. Furnishings included one ladder-back chair for the teacher, two long benches with backrests for the younger students, and one large long desk with benches on either side for the older students. This public school was open three months of the year: June, July, and August. School enrollment was 25 or 30; with classes beginning at 8 a.m. and ending at 4 p.m. Students enjoyed three recesses, with an hour for lunch at noon.

The first teacher was John Zachary Underwood, who later served as a parish school superintendent. First grade teachers received $35 per month; second grade teachers received $25 a month; third grade teachers received $15 a month. The first graduation was on April 17, 1925, with one graduate, Adele Fugler Fontenot.

At the turn of the century, the community realized the need for higher education, and a two-story building was built beneath a large pin oak tree just west of the old schoolhouse. Two teachers were employed at this school. Unfortunately, after only two or three years, a tree demolished the building during a small tornado.

The school was rebuilt as a two-room building with a front porch. Other rooms were later added. As the enrollment increased, two or more teachers were required. At this time, transportation was added to the school system, with the horse-wagon (three or four of them) bringing children to and from school.


Soon another building was needed, and a plot of land was purchased at the junction of Springfield and Old River roads. This building was a two-story one, with classrooms and a home economics room. Later an auditorium was added, along with other classrooms. A gym, which served as an auditorium, was also added.

In 1973 the Live Oak School consisted of a high school with a principal, 29 teachers, and 525 students and an elementary school with a principal, 20 teachers, and 492 students.

1936 - First class to graduate in caps and gowns
1925 - Adele Fugler First graduate

1948 - School Eagle Mascot
1948 - School colors of Royal blue & gold chosen

1948 - The Eaglet yearbook


"The first teacher was John Zachary Underwood, who later served as a parish school superintendent.."



School Mission

Educational Excellence in


Goals for

Learning and


Student Success. 


Our Beliefs

Learning is the #1 priority.

 The school and community share the responsibility for advancing the school’s mission.

 The school establishes an environment that enhances and challenges student development.

 Goals and expectations for student achievement guide curricular and learning experiences.



Equal Opportunity

Livingston Parish Public Schools (LPPS) adheres to the equal opportunity provisions of federal and civil rights laws, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, or disability. The Title IX Coordinator is Rick Wentzel, Assistant Superintendent, P.O. Box 1130, Livingston, LA 70754; phone (225) 686-7044; email


In addition to the above, it is the policy of LPPS that no person in the school district shall, on the basis of age, race, color, creed, disability, religion, national origin, veteran status in its educational programs and activities, sex, or similar personal distinction be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination in regard to employment, retention, promotion, transfer, or dismissal in any educational program or activity under the jurisdiction of the LPPS.


Any individual having a question about this policy or concern that the policy is not being followed should immediately contact the Superintendent at 13909 Florida Blvd., Livingston LA 70754, or by calling (225) 686-7044.​

Bell Schedule

Odd Schedule

1st Block  7:09-8:44

3rd Block  8:48-10:23

5th Block  10:27-12:36

Lunch 1st floor 10:27-10:57

Lunch 2nd floor 12:03-12:36

7th Block  12:40-2:15

Even Schedule

2nd Block  7:09-8:54

4th Block  8:59-10:44

6th Block  10:49-1:10

Lunch 1st floor 10:49-11:19

Lunch 2nd floor 12:39-1:10

8th Block  1:15-2:15


Hail Live Oak High School

To you we sing our praise.

Your great high principles

Will guide us on our ways.

To the Eagle Blue and Gold

Loyal we will be.

We’ll stand for what is just and right;

And march to victory.

Alma Mater

School Stats

• #1 Public School Ranking 2022

• School ranked in Top 10% of State

• Average ACT score -- 19

• Over 998 Industry-based Certifications earned

• Over 139 Work Keys certifications

• More than 500 AP Students and 930 AP Exams completed      

• Highly Qualified Teachers

• Enrollment 1406

• Classification 5A

• School Colors:  Royal Blue and Gold

• In 2022, we had more than 222 students who earned college or career and technical education course credit through CLEP, AP, or dual enrollment courses.  There were 8 AP Capstone graduates and 2 potential AP Capstone graduates.  Total amount of awards and scholarships was $2,343,455 and including TOPS earnings was $6,343,455.


Positive Behavior Support

Live Oak High utilizes school wide positive behavior support. School wide positive behavior support (SWPBS) is a scientifically research-based systems approach to enhancing the capacity of schools to educate all students. SWPBS

is a proactive process whereby school leadership teams, in alignment with school improvement efforts: 1) facilitate the school’s implementation of

system-wide positive discipline procedures, 2) make ongoing data-based decisions about the effectiveness of their discipline procedures/interventions,

and 3) make adjustments as needed throughout the year to enhance the

success of both students and staff. SWPBS meets the demands of Act 1225,

The Education/Juvenile Justice Partnership Act, and facilitates improved

school climates so that students and faculty can focus on learning.


Fight Song

Go right through for Live Oak High,
Watch the points keep growing!
Eagle teams are bound to win,
They'll fight until the end.
Go Team Go!
See their team is weakening,
We're going to win this game!
Fight! Fight! Eagles Fight!
Victory for Live Oak High!


Friday Schedule

1st hour 7:09-8:11

2nd hour 8:15-8:57

3rd hour 9:01-10:02

4th hour 10:06-10:49

5th hour 10:53-12:23

6th hour 12:27-1:09

7th hour 1:13-2:15

Grading Scale


A  93-100%

B  85-92%

C  75-84%

D  67-74%

F  Below 67%


A  90-100%

B  80-89%

C  70-79%

D  60-69%

F  Below 60%

Advanced Placement

Live Oak High School posted the district’s strongest results – the school administered 419 AP exams in 2016, receiving 227 passing scores for a 54.2 percent overall passage rate.  At the same time, the school received notification that 44 students earned the prestigious AP Scholar Award.  The award includes several levels of distinction that is given to students who successfully pass a minimum number of AP Exams. more...



Click here for the Student Handbook


Asbestos Policy

Click here


Uniform Policy

Click here for the Uniform Policy

Dear Parents,

On behalf of Livingston Parish Public Schools, we are requesting you assist us in our efforts to maintain our schools open so we can continue to educate your children.

If anyone in your family has symptoms of any illness, please keep all of your students home until everyone in the family is symptom free for 24 hours without the use of medicine.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call ELEC at (225)686-4246.  Someone there will be happy to help answer your questions.

Again, please do not send any member of your family to any of our school campuses if they are experiencing any symptoms of illness.

Thanks for working with us to educate our students.


Thien Trinh
Class of 2024

LuptonDrakeJennings -.png

“Change is the end result of all true learning."
- Leo Bucaglia

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