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**Updated requirements can be found at


Students must have the following documents before enrolling in school:

  • Withdrawal slip from previous school*

  • Unofficial copy of transcript of courses taken for high school credit (10th-12th grade only)*

  • Birth Certificate

  • Social Security Card

  • Immunization record

  • 4 Proofs of Residence (Download form)

  • Report card form previous school

  • LEAP 21 or GEE 21 Test results

  • Custody papers, if applicable

*These documents are needed in order to schedule students in the correct classes.



Requirements for Verifying Student Residency


NOTE:  If you have any questions regarding enrollment of a student or verification of residency, please contact the Guidance Office at (225) 664-0778, and someone will be happy to assist you.

Download Graduation Requirements>


The counselors at Live Oak High School are available for guidance and consultation.  Students may schedule an appointment with a counselor for any reason, including career counseling, college and scholarship consultation, testing information, financial aid questions, and personal/social problems.  Parents may contact guidance counselors by calling the guidance office at (225) 271-3537. Parent meetings are by appointment drop-ins.  Appointments can be made through Mrs. Sarah Robinson 225-271-3537

Meeting times are as follows:  

M W F 6:30-11am

T TH 12:00-2pm

Click here for counselors

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Two Diploma Tracks in Louisiana


TOPS University Diploma

•4 English Units: English I-IV

4 Mathematics: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Advanced Math, Calculus

•Science 4 Units: Biology, Chemistry, 2 Units from: Physical Science, Biology II, Chemistry II, Chemistry AP, Physics, Physics II, Env. Science, Ag Science I & II

•Social Studies 4 Units: World Geography, Civics or AP American Govt, US History or AP US History, World History or AP World History

•1 Art: Art I or Fine Arts Survey

•2 Foreign Language : Spanish

•Health 1/2 credit

•Physical Education 1/2 credit

•3 Electives


24 Credits


Jumpstart Track

English 4 Units

Math 4 Units

Science 2 Units

Social Studies 2 Units

Health 1/2 Unit

PE 1 1/2 Unit

Jumpstart Courses/Credentials 9 Units

After you choose a Pathway, you will take the 9 courses to meet that Pathway.  Including AT LEAST one 

Credential class.  


   Contact LOSFA for more information on acceptable substitute courses or check our Web site at

Download TOPS Requirements>

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