Homecoming 2021

Posted September 17, 2021

Written By Ally Taylor

             Homecoming only comes around once every year and is a great opportunity for the student body to connect and socialize. Whether it’s bonding over dress styles, making a new music playlist, or asking that special someone to the dance; homecoming offers a unique chance to make new friends and enjoy a fun night of music, dance, and conversation. When asked about whether one student had made plans to go to homecoming, she eagerly responded, “Of course! It’s my favorite event of the year.” Another student responded with, “Who doesn’t want to go to homecoming?” And indeed, if one would just ask the students this same question, they would no doubt be met by similar responses. The most common of topics being about dresses and dressing up. One student who was interviewed excitedly said, “I went dress shopping with my friends at David’s Bridal and it was so much fun!”, while showing a picture of a short-cut, emerald green, princess gown. And, truly, this is the opportunity to dress up because the school week before homecoming is a themed dress up week. Monday is an explosion of color with each level of the student body dressing in a different color. The senior’s color will be a respectable black, the junior’s color a vibrant purple, the sophomore’s color a wild green, and for the freshmen, a hopeful shade of red. Then on Team-Mate Tuesday, it will be the time to advertise your favorite sports team by wearing a jersey. Wednesday is stealing the spotlight again in a classy display of rolling out the red carpet for our favorite celebrity look-alikes. Thursday will be the day to show your Live Oak School Spirit by sporting blue and gold clothes. Go Eagles! Then, finally, on Friday we’ll be going back to our roots in a Funky Friday Disco Throwback! Be prepared to have the time of your lives outside in the softball/baseball complex this October 1st from 7:30-9:00 PM for freshmen and sophomores and 9:30-11:00 PM for seniors!

Senior Football 2021

Posted September 17, 2021

Written By Madeline Mizell

             The football season is always an exciting time, but especially if you’re a senior. Senior year is a year full of emotions, excitement, and good times. With COVID being a part of their lives since the end of sophomore year, senior year is the one year of normal that the seniors are looking forward to. Here are some things that a few of the senior football players had to say about the upcoming season. ‘’I look forward to beating Denham, Walker, and Denham. As well as winning state.’’- Will Andrepont.

‘’I’m very excited for this year, and I’m looking forward to Friday nights with my boys.’’- CJ Davis

‘’We have a very special group with a brotherly bond.’’ –Colby Kitto

The football team strives to do their best and succeed this football season. They have a very strong bond with each other and this is going to help them thrive this year. When asked what their favorite part of Friday Night Lights was, the most common answer was the Student Section, and ‘’pre-game hype time’’.

Senior Night for the football players will be September 24, at 7:00 at the Live Oak Football Stadium. This year is going to be our best yet, and as always, GO EAGLES!

Live Oak after Hurricane Ida

Posted September 17, 2021

Written By Kyle Rankin

             On August 29, the category 4 hurricane named Ida made landfall in Louisiana which resulted in schools closing all across the state including Live Oak High. From Monday, August 30 to Friday, September 10 school was closed with no power or water in the area for the residents of Watson and Denham Springs. With both students and faculty affected by the damage caused by Ida, the logical decision was made to extend deadlines on assignments and give everyone the opportunity to finish what they still needed to do without more work being piled on. Even up to today some students do not have internet access to complete some of their allocations outside of school.


            Our community however, did not have to start restoring normalcy alone. Workers from 48 states came to help repair power lines and clear debris from roadways. This support brought much needed comfort to everyone and allowed the school year at Live Oak to begin again which put less stress on the faculty which needed to keep the lesson plans on track for the end of the semester. Fellowship within our own community granted us all the ability to work together and come through stronger.




Sept 24...Football v S. Terrebonne 7:00
Sept 27...Volleyball v CHSPC 6:00
Sept 28...Homecoming permission form due
Sept 29...Volleyball v Destrehan 6:00
Sept 30...Volleyball v Walker 6:00
Sept 30...Football Homecoming v Frederick Douglas
Oct 1...Homecoming Dance 8-11
Oct 5...Senior Meeting with Graduate Supply
Oct 7...Volleyball v St Amant 6:00
Oct 8...Football v Zachary 7pm
Oct 8...Livingston Parish Fair Holiday
Oct 11...Progress Report
Oct 11...Picture Retake Day #2
Oct 12...Volleyball v BR High 6:00
Oct 14...Volleyball v East Ascension
Oct 15...Football v Walker
Oct 18...Volleyball v West Fel Senior Night
Oct 19...Junior Meeting Jostens Ring Info
Oct 20...Volleyball v Ponchatoula/St Thomas
Oct 21...Volleyball v Dutchtown
Oct 21...Graduation Supply Orders
Oct 22...Food Drive - Might Moms
Oct 23...ACT Test
Oct 26...Junior Ring Order
Oct 30...Wrestling Tournament