Senior Last Day

Posted May 6, 2022 



Senior "Anything but a booksack"

Posted May 4, 2022 


May 2...AP Exams begin
May 2...Even day schedule
May 3...Senior Meeting
May 5...Senior Exams begin
May 11...Seniors Last Day
May 13...Ring Ceremony 8:00
May 13...Awards Day 9:30
May 16-17...Freshmen Laptop Returns
May 18...Graduation Practice 12:00 SELU
May 19...Final Exams begin
May 20...Graduation at SELU 7:00
May 24...Makeup exams only


Senior Class Picnic

Posted April 28, 2022 

Iceland World Tour

Posted April 26, 2022

Live Oak High students took a trip of a lifetime when they visited Iceland over Spring Break.  Did you know that Iceland is the size of Kentucky and can be traveled over the course of 4 hours?  Students toured the Viking museum, enjoyed whale watching tours, and went cod fishing.  


Giften Theatre Comedy

Posted March 25, 2022


Throwing Caps

Senior Class Superlatives

Posted March 15, 2022

Best All Around - Edyn Belgard & Chance Shelby

Most Photogenic - Edyn Belgard & Chase Jones

Best Dresses - Mary Beth McGehee & Collin McClure

Most School Spirit - Annalyse Batte & Tyler Smiley

Friendliest - Josie Cooper & Jackson Earle

Most Helpful - Hanna Stout & Carson Jones

Most Athletic - Kylie Zeller & TJ Magee

Most Talented - Sheily Santiago-Lebron & Christian Hall

Most Likely to Succeed - Madison Ma & Cody Flurry

Wittiest - Kyleigh Overheim & Dillon Ahlf

Mr. & Mrs. Live Oak - Aiden Saunders & Hanna Stout


Dodgeball Champions

Posted March 10, 2022

Congratulations to "The Average Joes" for winning the annual Live Oak High Dodgeball tournament this year.  The team consisted of Tyler Giering, Alex Rivers, Bentz Borne, Braden Jones, Carter Davison, Orry Stafford, and Coach Clayton Ray. 


Softball District

Posted February 20, 2022

Softball has several tournament and district games coming soon to Eagle Ballpark.  Check out their upcoming schedule.


Wrestling State Championship

Posted February 20, 2022

Congratulations to Rayden Ingram (State Champion), Andrew Lusby (Runner-up), and Lathan Hirschey (3rd place) for winning at State Playoffs.

julianna stout- girls soccer pic.png

Soccer Overview

Posted February 15, 2022

Written by Julianna Stout

This past year the Lady Eagles soccer team had an exceptional season. The team credits much of its success to their new coach, Orlando Cervantes.  The team started off the season with 6 consecutive wins which was a huge accomplishment from the previous year. The confidence the team gained from these wins helped them tremendously through the rest of the season. Kylie Zeller, a senior captain, is most proud of her team for defeating Barbe, the 4th ranked team in Louisiana, in the last minute of the game. After beating a power team like Barbe, Live Oak’s momentum was on the rise. Live Oak continued this improvement and finished as district runner-up after beating St. Amant High School. Senior Center-Mid Jenna Magee was thankful for Coach Cervantesin pushing the team and helping the players not only improve individually but as a whole. The girls are looking forward to next year’s season and seeing what else they will accomplish in 2022.

Leap year frog.png

Leap Year History

Posted February 10, 2022

Written by Evan Girouard

       Every 4 years, February has a unique number of days.  This change in the number of days in is called Leap Year. Leap Year occurs when an extra day, the 29th, is added to the month of February. The purpose for this change is due to the calendar year technically being 365.25 days instead of an exact 365.  Because of this change, only one out of every 4 years is considered a leap year. Despite this being a famous occurrence, not many people look at where it came from. Leap year originated in Rome and was created by Julius Caesar. The early Romans had years with 355-day calendars. To keep their festivals occurring in the same seasons each year, the Romans had to switch between 22 and 23-day months. Julius Caesar created the Leap Year to fix the problem by simplifying things and adding more days to each month to create the 365-day calendar.  A 29th day of February was added to make every fourth year a Leap Year. Julius Caesar is considered the Father of Leap Year.


Boys Soccer Recap

Posted February 10, 2022

Written by Caden Young

  The boys’ soccer team for Live Oak High School once again had an amazing season. Coach Miller had a dangerous team this year, due to the amount of Seniors. The senior class included Freddie Baden, Jake Blanchard, Trenton Broussard, Tanner Dewitt, Jack Earle, Will Leonard, Aiden Patterson, Jacob Prilleux, Landon Ratcliff, Cole Slaby, Lance Steagall, Peyton Waller, and Jacob White. The boys finished the season ranked #13 and their record was 12-9-2.


Live Oak had a few big games this past season starting with Denham Springs at Eagle Stadium. Denham Springs has always had an amazing soccer team and the battle for Highway 16 is a huge rivalry.  The Eagles faced a few more formidable opponents in St. Thomas Aquinas, David Thibodaux and Beau Chene. The boys soccer team continued improving week by week as they went on a 7 game win streak. The boys were 11-9-2 entering the playoffs. Live Oak played a solid West Ouachita team at home and won 2-1. Live Oak went to the Regional Playoffs at 12-9-2 and played #4 Neville High School. The first time these two teams played, it was in Watson and Neville won 2-1. Live Oak was eager for revenge as they played a competitive game that ended in a 4-0 loss.  Live Oak had an amazing season and fought hard every game.  This senior class made an impression on the history of Live Oak Soccer.


Rock the Red Carpet

Posted February 10, 2022

Written by Kelsie Tyler

Prom, one of the best events of high school, is going to be on April 8th from 8pm to 11pm. The theme this year is Rock the Red Carpet, which means dress like you are about to walk down the red carpet at a big premiere. The one night a year  where you can really show out is right around the corner. Don’t miss out on a great time. Tickets will be sold online or you can come up to the school and buy them. Prom is on a Friday this year, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun. Prom is full of making memories and having fun. The Senior class will vote for a prom king and queen so don’t miss out on this big night!  

madeline mizell-baseball seniors 2022.jpg

Baseball Outlook 2022

Posted February 10, 2022

Written by Madeline Mizell

This year for Baseball is going to be a very big year. This year the boys are more motivated than ever to win State.  After a very sudden loss to Ouachita Parish in the first round of the playoffs last year, the boys have their hearts set more than ever to bring home a ring this year. After speaking to a few of the players, and asking what they expect to happen this season, Mike Stephens, a freshman outfielder and PO said, "I think we can make it all the way this year.’’ Junior classman, Nick Ma stated, "I look forward to winning district again, and making it further into the playoffs.’’ Hunter Owens added, "I want us to go out there and beat everybody for those rings!” Leftfielder Keigan Rabalais said, "I want us to win state this year and BEAT BARBE!!” Senior Pitcher Dawson Curtin added that he wants to have a winning record, win district, win state, and to ultimately play in Sulphur.  After talking to some of the players, this year is going to be a motivational year.  This is going to be THEIR year.    

Mallory Mitchell Ring Ceremony Photo.jpg
Blakely Keith (1).JPG
Eaglette Image.jpg
midterm ranking js.jpg

Junior Ring Ceremony

Posted February 10, 2022

Written by Mallory Mitchell

Junior ring ceremony will be May 5, 2022. During the ring ceremony, parents walk their son/daughter down the football field to receive their class ring. This is a monumental moment for kids in high school.  It marks the start of their senior year! Most students will buy/design their senior ring through Jostens which partners with your local high school in designing the perfect class ring for you. Although if you prefer to purchase your ring from another company you are more than welcome to do so. At the ring ceremony students will wear their senior spirit shirts with jeans and their senior Eagle tradition. Class of 2023 is excited to celebrate the start of their senior year!     

Kaylee Price Mardi Gras Picture.jpg

Mardi Gras History

Posted February 10, 2022

Written by Ally Taylor

          Lights, Camera, King Cake! Mardi Gras, a celebration found deep in the heart of Louisiana, is right around the corner. What originally started as a celebration for feasting before fasting for the Catholic Lent, has now evolved into a carnival celebration involving food, family, and friends. The colors of Mardi Gras are deeply rooted in history, when in 1982 the Mardi Gras king officially gave the colors specific meanings: Purple stands for justice for the people, green for faith in God, and gold for great power. So, how do people become the Mardi Gras King or Queen? Simple! Just find the baby inside the king cake! The baby stands for luck and prosperity, and in finding it, that person is appointed the King or Queen of Mardi Gras. The baby may also symbolize baby Jesus in reference to the Wise Men searching for the Jewish birth. Besides those traditions there is also the mystery surrounding the addition of masks for party-goers. Masks were originally used to allow people celebrating Mardi Gras to mingle and mix below their social class as well as keep their anonymity to make sure their reputations did not get tarnished. Even today, people who parade on floats are required to wear masks to preserve the tradition and many celebratory krewes who ride on floats keep their designated king or queen’s identity secret from the general public. After all, what happens on the float, stays on the float. Call me Cajun, but I go beads or bust for Mardi Gras. And who can blame me for living the life of the Mardi when there’s so much to do? Whether it’s eating king cake, admiring the floats in a parade, or enjoying the beautiful and rich history of Mardi Gras, there’s never a shortage of things to enjoy. So, keep calm and throw on this Mardi Gras season.

Kyle Rankin Valentines-Day.jpg

Valentine's Day

Posted February 10, 2022

Written by Kyle Rankin 

Valentine's Day is an international holiday on which people convey their care for one another and give gratitude for people being close to them in their lives. On every February 14th of every year since 496 AD we have celebrated this holiday but it is widely forgotten that Valentine was a real person who gave his life defending his belief. Saint Valentine was a priest for the Catholic church and was born in approximately 175 AD. Saint Valentine was later arrested by the Roman Emperor Claudius II for not enlisting in the Roman army. During his time in prison, he helped a guard in prayer and asked God to heal the guard's daughter who was blind.  After some time she could see again. Eventually, Saint Valentine was killed and more than 200 years later in 496 AD, Pope Gelasius declared February 14th as Valentine’s Day in honor of his martyrdom. 

Caden Klee Presidents day.jpg

Presidents' Day

Posted February 10, 2022

Written by Caden Klee

President’s day is a federal holiday celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February. President’s Day came from the recognition of our first president of the United States, George Washington. It was not until the late 1870s that the day became a federal holiday under the signature of President Rutherford B. Hayes; before then, it was an unofficial recognition. The holiday was only applied in the District of Columbia, but in 1885, it was then expanded throughout the whole country. The shift from Washington’s birthday and President’s Day began in the 1960s with the introduction of the Uniform Monday Act, which was a celebration of several federal holidays from a series of dates of predetermined Mondays. For example, Lincoln and Washington’s birthday was combined since they are relatively close dates on the calendar.  The holiday offers a 3-day weekend for federal and state workers.

Cheer Image_edited.jpg

Cheerleading Nationals

Posted February 10, 2022

Written by Joshlyn Gauthier

          It’s about that time again. Our Live Oak High Cheerleading team is heading to the NHSCC National Championship on February 11-13, 2022, to compete for the winning title. Like recent years, the competition will be held at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. For the past four years, these girls have won the National Champs title. This will be their 6th time competing in the national championship. Cheer coach Maddi Guidry has been preparing these girls for the ultimate showdown against cheerleading teams nationwide. The Live Oak High cheer team takes nationals very seriously and strives to keep their impressive winning streak. Let’s wish our girls good luck in their quest for another Championship banner.

Eaglette Image.jpg

Eaglette Nationals

Posted February 10, 2022

Written by Rebecca Gros

          During February 16-22, 2022, the Eaglettes will be in Orlando, Florida competing in the Dance Team Union National Championship. On Tuesday, February 15, they will be hosting their send off in the Live Oak High School cafeteria at 5:30pm. They will show off their dances for a final performance before they hit the floor for the last time in Orlando. On Saturday, February 19, the dancers will compete in the semi-finals and will hopefully move on to the finals, which are on Sunday, February 20. While the girls enjoy both jazz and hip hop, they are most excited to perform their hip hop dance. Callie Canepa, the 2021-2022 Eaglette captain, said “I am super excited to show off our dances. We have worked so hard, and I hope it all pays off in the end.” She hopes that their practice on technique and performance is shown to the judges whenever they take the floor. These amazing girls have worked so hard to accomplish their goals of this competition, and they cannot wait to show the judges what they can do. Good luck girls and have a safe trip!

Gifted Theater - Miracle on 34th Street

Posted January 11, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2021

Posted November 17, 2021

Written By Kaylee Price

             There are two types of people in November: the ones that are playing Christmas music and the ones who are complaining about Christmas music.  Despite this, both types of people put their differences aside for one day to eat turkey with family members they only see three times a year. When people think about Thanksgiving, they usually think Pilgrims and food. But when did that even become the standard stereotype? I mean does anyone really know why we celebrate Thanksgiving? Well for starters, it all began in Plymouth, Massachusetts with the Wampanoag Indians and the English colonists. The colonists came to Plymouth on a ship they called the Mayflower in search of religious freedom, sound familiar? However, they were not familiar with their new home or its climate. As a result of this they were not prepared for the harsh winter that awaited them. They were dying of diseases and exposure to the cold weather when the Wampanoag Indians came to their aid. In their time of need the Indians stepped up and provided the pilgrims with the food they needed. Once spring had finally arrived, the Indians even taught the colonists their farming methods so that they could provide for their people next year. The following fall, the pilgrims returned the favor and held a three-day long feast for their citizens and the Indians to give thanks. Americans have celebrated some sort of Thanksgiving since then and it was officially declared a national holiday in 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln. Even though we don’t get to eat for three days anymore, unless it’s Thanksgiving leftovers, the reason for Thanksgiving has remained unchanged: to give thanks. These past couple of years have given us all something to be thankful for. So, this year maybe instead of just focusing on the food and the Black Friday deals you’re going to fight over later, look around the dinner table and be grateful for everything you’ve been given.


Cross Country Tradition

Posted November 16, 2021

Written By Joshlyn Gauthier

             Coach Travis Johnson has led the 2021 Cross Country team to the NSU State Championship. This year’s team has qualified to compete at the highest level and still continues to move forward in the process. Team captains Ali Tyler, Peyton Parker, Sylvia White, and Luke Pemberton have also contributed in achieving this success by being awesome leaders to their fellow teammates. This Eagle team is a tight-knit family of runners who are bound by sweat, tears, and cheers.

This awesome team of runners competed in the Baton Rouge Metro Championship race, resulting in the girls placing 5th overall and the boys placing 11th overall. This accomplishment led the Live Oak High cross country team in having 5 seasons with the best personal records and 16 lifetime bests. Team captains Ali Tyler and Sylvia White placed in the top 25 while the boys finished with a 37 second split. Thanks to these achievements, the Live Oak High cross country team qualified for the State Championship.

          Cross country is not simply about the race. Cross country is all about what you do to prepare for the race. Coach Travis Johnson has pushed this team of Eagles to be the best of the best. So having practice every day after school or on the weekend early in the morning has really payed off. This team is very lucky to have a coach who cares for their well-being and most importantly, their future. The Live Oak High cross country team has come a long way in this “paper chase” and continues to strive at being the best.


Girls Soccer New Season

Posted November 15, 2021

Written By Blakely Keith

             After last year’s tough season, the Live Oak High School’s soccer team has a new coach, Orlando Cervantes, with the help of 2018-2020’s former soccer coach, Kraig Zeller. The girls season started off with a scrimmage against Parkview Baptist on November 4th.  After a hard loss of 5-2, the girl’s got back to practice focusing on defense. This week, the girl’s will be playing West Feliciana on November 18th at home.

            This year, there are four seniors: Jenna Magee, Kylie Zeller, Blakely Keith, and Alexis Venable all are key players in the game. All 4 have played varsity all 4 years of their career.  Jenna Magee is number 23 and plays center midfield. She is very skilled with her ball work and a very fast runner. Kylie Zeller is number 18 and plays left wing. Kylie used is a very fast runner which is an effective aspect of the game. Blakely Keith is number 6 and plays center back. She is very aggressive on the field. Alexis Venable recently moved to goalie to fulfill key positions lost from graduation.  Alexis is very aggressive and always does her best to get to the ball. We are very proud of our seniors and look forward to a competitive 2021 season.


Glow Pep Rally

Posted November 12, 2021

Written By Mallory Mitchell

             Our Pep Rally committee at Live Oak put together one of the most exciting and different themes I’ve seen so far over the past 3 years. Ahmad Pink is the pep rally leader this school year and has done a phenomenal job! When interviewing Ahmad, I asked what all went into the planning and preparation for this pep rally. His response was, “I knew after the second to last pep rally that the next one NEEDED to be inside for the last one of the season. I spoke to Mrs. Jones and she had a meeting with the school board specifically for this pep rally. I found out 3 days’ prior that the pep rally would be inside our gym for the first time this school year, and immediately started planning. We bought thousands of glow sticks, a smoke machine, and taped up all the windows to the gym. The outcome was awesome and hopefully something the senior class will remember!” This past pep rally was definitely something different and memorable, hopefully future pep rallies for other sports will be just as hyped! GEAUX EAGLES!


Homecoming 2021

Posted September 17, 2021

Written By Ally Taylor

             Homecoming only comes around once every year and is a great opportunity for the student body to connect and socialize. Whether it’s bonding over dress styles, making a new music playlist, or asking that special someone to the dance; homecoming offers a unique chance to make new friends and enjoy a fun night of music, dance, and conversation. When asked about whether one student had made plans to go to homecoming, she eagerly responded, “Of course! It’s my favorite event of the year.” Another student responded with, “Who doesn’t want to go to homecoming?” And indeed, if one would just ask the students this same question, they would no doubt be met by similar responses. The most common of topics being about dresses and dressing up. One student who was interviewed excitedly said, “I went dress shopping with my friends at David’s Bridal and it was so much fun!”, while showing a picture of a short-cut, emerald green, princess gown. And, truly, this is the opportunity to dress up because the school week before homecoming is a themed dress up week. Monday is an explosion of color with each level of the student body dressing in a different color. The senior’s color will be a respectable black, the junior’s color a vibrant purple, the sophomore’s color a wild green, and for the freshmen, a hopeful shade of red. Then on Team-Mate Tuesday, it will be the time to advertise your favorite sports team by wearing a jersey. Wednesday is stealing the spotlight again in a classy display of rolling out the red carpet for our favorite celebrity look-alikes. Thursday will be the day to show your Live Oak School Spirit by sporting blue and gold clothes. Go Eagles! Then, finally, on Friday we’ll be going back to our roots in a Funky Friday Disco Throwback! Be prepared to have the time of your lives outside in the softball/baseball complex this October 1st from 7:30-9:00 PM for freshmen and sophomores and 9:30-11:00 PM for seniors!


Senior Football 2021

Posted September 17, 2021

Written By Madeline Mizell

             The football season is always an exciting time, but especially if you’re a senior. Senior year is a year full of emotions, excitement, and good times. With COVID being a part of their lives since the end of sophomore year, senior year is the one year of normal that the seniors are looking forward to. Here are some things that a few of the senior football players had to say about the upcoming season. ‘’I look forward to beating Denham, Walker, and Denham. As well as winning state.’’- Will Andrepont.

‘’I’m very excited for this year, and I’m looking forward to Friday nights with my boys.’’- CJ Davis

‘’We have a very special group with a brotherly bond.’’ –Colby Kitto

The football team strives to do their best and succeed this football season. They have a very strong bond with each other and this is going to help them thrive this year. When asked what their favorite part of Friday Night Lights was, the most common answer was the Student Section, and ‘’pre-game hype time’’.

Senior Night for the football players will be September 24, at 7:00 at the Live Oak Football Stadium. This year is going to be our best yet, and as always, GO EAGLES!


Live Oak after Hurricane Ida

Posted September 17, 2021

Written By Kyle Rankin

             On August 29, the category 4 hurricane named Ida made landfall in Louisiana which resulted in schools closing all across the state including Live Oak High. From Monday, August 30 to Friday, September 10 school was closed with no power or water in the area for the residents of Watson and Denham Springs. With both students and faculty affected by the damage caused by Ida, the logical decision was made to extend deadlines on assignments and give everyone the opportunity to finish what they still needed to do without more work being piled on. Even up to today some students do not have internet access to complete some of their allocations outside of school.


            Our community however, did not have to start restoring normalcy alone. Workers from 48 states came to help repair power lines and clear debris from roadways. This support brought much needed comfort to everyone and allowed the school year at Live Oak to begin again which put less stress on the faculty which needed to keep the lesson plans on track for the end of the semester. Fellowship within our own community granted us all the ability to work together and come through stronger.