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Welcome to Live Oak High School

      We are very proud of our school. We offer a college preparatory curriculum as well as a wide variety of career and technical courses. We also have a full range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Through a collaborative effort with our parents and community, we strive to provide a positive educational experience for our students. Our mission is to facilitate Education Excellence in Achieving Goals for Learning and Encouraging Student success.  Live Oak High is a wonderful school and it is an honor to work with the students, parents, and community that make up Live Oak High School. 


Parents may contact guidance counselors by calling the guidance office at 225-271-3537.  Parent meetings are scheduled by appointment drop-ins.  Appointments can be made through Mrs. Sarah Robinson 225-271-3537.  Meeting times are as follows:

M W F 6:30-11am

T Th 12:00-2pm


Click below for counselors


Kim Dudley

Head Senior Counselor
Freshmen G-M

Ph 271-3540

Trudy Durnin

Head Junior Counselor
Freshmen A-F

Ph 271-3538

Brandi Hodges.jpg
Brandi Hodges

Head Sophomore Counselor
Freshmen N-Z

Ph 271-3539

Amber Koener.JPG
Amber Koerner

Graduation Coach

Ph 271-3537   Ext. 437


Sarah Robinson

Guidance Secretary



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